7 best ways to keep your house cool without airconditioning


It is a problem that many households face. When the outside temperature rises, it is often impossible to keep indoors cool. It results in extremely hot afternoons and sultry nights. Besides buying an air conditioner, we have some short and long term solutions to keep your house cool.

The short term solutions

Let’s start with the short term solutions, these are intended for a quick fix. But don’t rely on these, cause they are just a quick patch. Here are 3 quick solutions.

1. Switch all electrical appliances off

Switch off as many electrical appliances as possible. It is not recommended to wash, iron or vacuum during the day. Not for the house and certainly not for yourself. The fact is that all devices from light bulbs, TVs, a hot air oven or various adapters all emit heat.

2. Use fans, a lot of them.

They won’t cool the whole house for you, but it often feels refreshing when a fan is pointed at you. We came up with a hack that will give you cool air.

Fill as many bottles with water as you can and put them in the freezer. After they are frozen, put them in a tactical place with a tea towel on top. Then place the fan behind these bottles and only then will really cold air be dispersed.

3. Cool it when it’s cool

Open as many windows and doors as possible in the morning! Let the (still) cool temperature pass through the house and make sure you close everything in time when the sun is at full strength. You can also open everything at night. Our custom-made window screens can be used to protect the house from flying insects such as mosquitoes.

The long term solutions

Now let’s advance to the long term solutions, these will work for a long period of them. But they won’t work as good as a good airconditioning system.

1. Use or buy some Screens & Zipper Screens.

Our various types, sizes and colours of screens and zip screens all have one thing in common. They are sunproof and 90% of the heat and sunlight is reflected. Thus, an investment in screens is an investment in energy saving. They are extremely suitable for sealing off a roof or veranda and can be placed in front of any window.

2. Roller blinds with a metallized back

Roller blinds can be combined with a metallising back that has an extra sun protection function. On the back there is an ultra-thin layer of aluminium. This thin layer of aluminium acts as a reflective heat shield and therefore keeps the heat out of the room or office very well.

3. Shunshades

For many patio roofs, verandas and conservatories, the ceiling is made of glass. When the sun shines, it quickly becomes warm and it is hard to resist sitting there. A sunshade is placed on the outside and because there is some space between the sunshade and the glass, the air underneath can circulate well and it stays cool inside.

4. Close your shutters.

Of course, no light comes in when leaving the roller shutters. In addition to its burglar-resistant function and sound insulation, it is also heat-resistant. A roller shutter from Gehlen keeps up to 90% of the heat in the summer and therefore has a cooling effect in the house. We therefore recommend that you lower the shutters in summer temperatures.

Don’t forget to enjoy the warm weather!

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