Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 1 recap

Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 1 recap


Winter has finally come. At least for the fans of Game of Thrones. The eighth season, and also the last one, has started. Yes, one year-long break, which felt like an eternity for the viewers, is over. It will not come as a surprise that last Sunday the first episode of the eighth season set a new record in America.

The first broadcast had been watched there 17.4 million times, as HBO itself has announced. With this, it was able to surpass the figures of the 2017 season finale. The viewers in the Netherlands had to wait an extra day to see Emilia Clarke and Kit Harington again on screen. So the season premiere at 21:00 was to see just for Ziggo customers. If you want to become a Ziggo customer, follow this link. Are you not a Ziggo customer and do you not want to become one? No problem! The most important developments that took place in the episode can be read below.


Just breathe, because your favorite is still alive. The first episode was virtually non-violent. The emphasis in this episode is mainly on developing mutual relationships between characters and deepening the pit of potential throne owners. Despite the lack of action, the episode is still full of excitement, which is mainly due to the acting performances of Lena Heady (Cersei Lannister) and John Bradley-West (Samwell Tarly), the visuals and the use of sound.

The episode starts with the arrival of Daenerys and Jon Snow in Winterfell. A clear aversion to this arrival is noticeable in many northerners, and especially Sansa. The entire episode there is this tension between the two female, and this is likely to become important in the upcoming episodes as Jon Snow has to choose between Sansa and Daenerys. He finds out towards the end of the episode that he is related to both women. How this new knowledge affects his positions will only be seen in the next episode as this news clearly upsets him.

Furthermore, it seems that Daenerys may have gotten a new enemy after she told Samwell Tarly that thanks to her, his brother and father are no longer alive. This information gives him an extra push to immediately tell Jon Snow about his origins and that Jon is the real heir to the throne, not Daenerys. In addition to Daenerys, there is another newcomer to Winterfell: Jaime Lannister.

On the other side of the Seven Kingdoms his sister, Cersei, after losing her relationship with Jaime, enters into a new intimate relationship with Euron Greyjoy. While Euron starts this relationship, Yara Greyjoy manages to escape with the help of her brother Theon. Then it becomes clear that the long awaited reunion between the Stark-family and Theon is not so far away anymore.

Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 1

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