Here are the reasons why your business needs a website


Especially when you have a small business, you may wonder if a website is necessary. You have a large network, customers will find you anyway, and you don’t have the time or the desire to build a website (or have it be website laten maken, the Dutch term for getting it built by someone). Because, you are not technical and/or you have no budget.

Recently I was looking for a painter to paint the outdoors. I once asked around in my neighborhood and was pointed out to a local company that had already done the painting for several houses in the neighborhood. My neighbours were all very pleased with this painter. I had a name. Time to look up the company on Google. So I could already see what the costs see and contact him.

What turned out to be, whatever I typed in Google, I couldn’t find anything. I did come across a different name several times during my search.  He had a simple website consisting of a homepage, a page about painting and a contact page. With pictures of the paintwork they had already done and the possibility to request a free quote.

You see, I chose the second painter, the one I could find on the internet.
The first painter, without knowing it, had missed a client.

5 reasons why a website is needed

1. A website is the business card of today

In the Netherlands, 100% of the people have internet at home. Just as I did in my search for a painter, so do potential clients. If they don’t find you on the internet, you don’t exist.

Almost 13 million Dutch people shop online. Even if you still have such a large network, you don’t reach all of them. A website increases your customer base. Guaranteed.

2. Your accessibility changes from office hours to 24/7

A website is always available, even when you are not working. I’ll say it again, you increase your customer base.

3. A website saves money

Setting up and maintaining a website costs money. As a start-up or small business, you may be afraid that a website will not fit into your budget. But after an investment you save money. Whether it’s about one-time writing of texts or long-term maintenance of your site. Request a quote. Placing an advertisement in the newspaper or publishing a brochure will cost you more money.

4. A website saves time

And talked about brochures. These can often only be kept for a limited period of time. Product information changes quickly, your prices change, you expand your services. Adjusting a brochure takes a lot of time. A change on a website can be made with just a few clicks of a button. That costs less time and less… money.

5. Show your work

A website is a great place to showcase your work. Through a photo gallery you can show what makes your company unique. This will convince potential customers and perhaps even persuade existing customers to revert to your services for something extra that they wouldn’t have known you were doing without your website. By having a website you can show what you are doing and be proud of your work.


A website always contributes to the credibility of your company. It gives customers a good feeling when they can find you online. It looks professional and a website name is much better than a phone number. The threshold to send an email or request a quote when it suits the customer is much lower than making a phone call. So, if you have no time to make website give a try, they make the best websites for any business.

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