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A Marvel fan has seen Avengers: Infinity War 103 times


The American Tony Mitchell is what you call a ‘super fan’, since he went to see the Marvel movie ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ 103 times in the cinema. He did it to break the Guinness World Record, but it was an expensive record to break. All the tickets together cost him $2,000. Luckily it also brought him a visit to the set of the last Avengers movie, ‘Endgame’.

“I actually wanted ‘only’ to look at it a hundred times, so I could break the record”, Tony shrugs his shoulders. “But in the end they became just a little more sessions.” His visits to the film cost him a total of 2,000 dollars. “I’ve included the cost of my snacks and drinks,” he winked. “On some days I even went to the cinema two or three times, because otherwise I wouldn’t reach my goal fast enough.

Was it boring?
Did he get bored? “The first thirty times I went to see it, I was still fascinated for a while, it’s a great movie. But then I knew exactly what would happen. Every part of the music, every movement, every little expression on the face of the actors… But I can’t say I’m really bored, no. There was too much action in the movie for me to get bored”

Eventually Tony broke the record ‘to watch most of an Avengers movie’. “Guinness took that very seriously. I had to keep a booklet with all my tickets, and every time two signatures of employees in the cinema, to prove that I had really been there. In addition, I had to keep a logbook with the exact times of the performances, and I had to take a picture with an Avengers poster on the facade each time I went to see it.”

Meeting the Russo’s
His dedication to the Avengers was noticed by directors Joe and Anthony Russo, who promptly invited the man to come and take a look at the set of ‘Endgame’. “That was fantastic! I have to come to Atlanta to watch the set and met the directors and some actors. My favorite experience was walking around in the costume department.”

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