The Best Green Smoothie Recipes: Healthy en delicious


Green smoothies are healthy and very delicious! And that’s why we’ve put together our best green smoothie recipes in one message. So you can view these green smoothie recipes and make them yourselves. Before you go travel to the best places in the world, try these recipes and enjoy the healthiness and the deliciousness.

How to make a green smoothie?

Making a green smoothie is easy. You do need a blender. And preferably one with a powerful motor and a glass jug. The vegetables you use in a green smoothie recipe can be difficult to grind. A blender with a powerful motor is therefore a must. If you’re going to make a green smoothie, it’s best to first put the liquid yoghurt, milk, almond milk, soy milk, water, etc. in the jug. Then add the fruit and vegetables from the green smoothie recipe. This way you can be sure that everything is ground well and that no residue is left behind under the knife.

Why are green smoothies healthy?

Much is written about green smoothies. The story goes that they would have a preventive effect on almost all the ailments and diseases that occur in our Western society. I think it’s not so much the smoothie that helps prevent ailments and diseases, but the healthy ingredients that you make it from. Namely the vegetables. Vegetables have a preventive effect on many diseases and help us to stay vital and healthy. Whether you cook the vegetables, steam them, fry them, chop them, or puree them and use them in a green smoothie. The vitamins and minerals from the vegetables are the benefactors. The advantage of a green smoothie lies in the time of day. Normally you eat your vegetables in the evening. This gives you one vegetable moment a day. By drinking a green smoothie you can get an extra portion of vitamins and minerals in the morning or afternoon. The supply of vitamins and minerals is therefore larger and better distributed throughout the day. This has a positive effect on health and has a preventive effect on many diseases.

What do you need for the green smoothie?

In principle, you can use any vegetable that you can eat raw in a green smoothie. It is more convenient to follow a recipe for green smoothies. Then you can be sure that the result is drinkable. We use a lot of avocado, kale, endive, spinach and ginger. But there are many more possibilities to come up with. We tried several times to make a green smoothie with broccoli, but unfortunately … we didn’t like it. Besides the vegetables we often use banana. Banana is sweet and sometimes obscures the less delicious taste of raw vegetables.

The recipes of the green smoothies

Let’s start showing our delicious green smoothie recipes. Don’t worry, they are very easy to make and require almost no time!

Green smoothie with avocado and alfalfa

2 Whole Avocado
50 grams of Alfalfa
2 Regular size banana
400-500 ml of almond milk

Green smoothie with kale

100 grams of Kale
2 Regular size banana
300-400 ml of yoghurt

Green smoothie of avocado banana and almonds

1 Whole Avocado
2 Regular size banana
10 pieces of almond
250-300 ml of milk

Green smoothie of mango, avocado and ginger

1 whole Mango cut in pieces
1 whole Avocado
2 cuts of Fresh Ginger
350 ml of Yoghurt

Green smoothie with endive

Pre-cut endive – take one big grab
1 Whole Avocado
1 Regular size banana
250-300 ml of milk

Green smoothie of avocado, spinach and banana

1 whole Avocado
175 grams of spinach
2 Regular size Banana
200 ml of Yoghurt

Green smoothie of spinach and banana

175 grams of spinach
2 Regular size of frozen banana
30 grams of Sesame
300-350 ml of Yoghurt

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