The best places to travel to in 2019


Are you planning your first distant journey? But do you think going so far away from you home on a journey is a bit scary? Here are the best destinations that are perfect for new travelers! Sidenote: Once you have visited these places/destinations, you don’t wanna go back home!

New York

New York is a great place for beginning travelers. This is especially because you recognize many things in the city. The most important sights can be found in your favourite films and television series. It actually feels like a city trip, but a bit further away. You’ll still look out in the city because of the tall buildings and busy streets, but you won’t get a culture shock!


Australia is perfect for your first distant journey. The nature on the island is very diverse and very beautiful. On the one hand you will find yourself in unreal beautiful nature reserves but the Western world is also close by. Everyone speaks English and there are many Europeans in the cities. Especially between Brisbane and Cairns and Sydney and Melbourne you’ll feel right at home! And if you are homesick, you can always go to the Dutch department in the supermarket.



In Bali you can chill in a hammock on the most beautiful beaches in the world, eat an infinite amount of nasi goreng every day and discover the most beautiful nature. There are a lot of tourists on Bali, but this will make your trip easier! Hotels and restaurants are accessible and much has been translated into English. On the other hand, there is still plenty to discover. Rent a scooter, take the boat to other islands nearby and eat at a warung to feel like a real Balinese.


Suriname also has what Bali has. It is tropical and beautiful but you also recognize things from home. For example, they speak mostly Dutch and you can just ask for directions on the street. Sniffing culture in Suriname is delicious. It is one of the few countries where a synagogue and mosque are built next to each other. Furthermore you will find beautiful nature in the tropical rainforest and you will eat the most delicious roti.


Do you want to travel to Southeast Asia? Then Thailand is a good start. There is a lot to see here and the country has a good mix of nature, cities and the most beautiful beaches. There is a lot of travel in Thailand and therefore the country is very accessible for European tourists. In your hostel you can easily make contact with other travellers and even if you travel alone you will find groups of backpackers everywhere to join you. You can live like a local here by taking public transport, drinking local beer and eating on the streets! This way, your trip will be even cheaper.

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