Top 4 flowers to send as a gift


Flowers are the best kind of gift in any situation. The only thing that is a bit tricky is choosing a bouquet. There are so many beautiful flowers to choose from. That’s why we created a top 4 flowers list to send as a gift.

1. Magnolia

Send a field bouquet with magnolia, the most exclusive winter flower. Winter is in full swing with alternating a few warmer days. This ensures the explosive growth of flowers that weren’t there a few weeks ago. Again we see green cherry blossom, prunus and magnolia buds appearing on shrubs and trees. These branches with buds make for the most beautiful spring field bouquets that are characteristic of our time. In combination with salix, anemones, viburnum snowball, French tulips, lisianthus, antirrhinum, and ranunculus you create the ultimate wintery picture with a touch of spring.

As fresh as it can be because a field bouquet is bound together by Flora Queen and sent the same day to any address in the Netherlands.

Flora Queen’s field bouquets are just as full of flowers as on the attached pictures because there are no other florists involved that can give their own interpretation to the whole.

Flora Queen is passionate about getting the best flowers of this moment from growers who want to grow the best flowers with dedication. A beautiful magnolia takes years to mature. The grower who takes on this task needs some kind of madness for this profession because it doesn’t offer any certainty. Once bad weather conditions caused by severe frost, for example, can already lead to a failed harvest.

In the Magnolia field bouquet of Flora Queen, you can see a fantastic combination of flowers and glassware. The Magnolia branches can remain beautiful for up to three weeks. Don’t wait, send flowers to the Netherlands.

2. Plumeria or frangipani

To be honest, I don’t know the Dutch name for this, this is a flower that is related to the Nerium oleander. The flowers are found in the south of Asia and play a major role in many religions and believe in Asian countries. A unique feature of the plant is its smell, which is especially noticeable at night. The plant is easy to propagate, the only thing the plant needs is a lot of sunlight and some water.

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3. The water lily

This is one of the most famous plants and flowers in the world. This has to do with its worldwide distribution, the variety in which the flower occurs and the romantic aspect. The water lily plays the leading role in many poems, famous paintings and famous photographs. In Japan, this water lily, more commonly known as lotus, occupies an important place. The water lily is a plant that occurs in (usually shallow) water. Depending on the species, the place where the water lily is and the weather conditions, each water lily has its own needs in terms of care.

4. Paeonia or the Peony

For centuries, this has been a popular and impressive flower. The ruler of China was so impressed by the scent and appearance of this flower that he proclaimed the peony the national symbol of his country. There are various types of peony, including the lactiferous. There is a wide choice of colors and appearance: you have single flowers, but also double or double flowers (depending on taste and wish). The plants require semi-shade and richly fertilized soil in order to bloom.

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