Why is having a website a standard in 2019


A while ago, having a website was more of a luxury than a standard. Nowadays a website is indispensable in daily life. But why is having a website so important? Do you want to be successful in 2019 with your company, then https://www.digifist.be/diensten/website-laten-maken/ gives you 5 reasons why a website is needed.

1. You are always available

The internet is meant to answer questions. Questions that can be about anything. For example, your product or service. And who can help the visitor better than you? A website offers the possibility to ask for information or to contact a brand even outside office hours. The better he or she is helped, the sooner he or she will choose you.

So don’t hesitate to mention the opening hours of your company in Google My Company. Even if you don’t have an office, you are open 24/7. This doesn’t mean that you have to keep an eye on your phone day and night, but it does show that you respond to requests or messages as quickly as possible. A company that is always ‘open’ will appeal to more people than a ‘closed’ company.

2. Business card

You may be disgusted by the pronunciation, but a website is really a business card. People who have hardly heard of your brand can see at a glance who you are, what you are doing and why you are different from the competition. Giving a physical business card is out of date. So instead just give the URL of your website!

3. Website gives more customers

Having trouble finding new customers? Then a website can help you. Perhaps even more important than having an online business card or digital customer service, is to attract new customers. And the internet is a web of people who are looking for help or information.

By means of good online findability (or SEO), you can get traffic in and convince visitors that your product or service is the solution they are looking for. The more people you get on your website, the better your website will be found. And a website that is found well, in turn, will attract more people. And hopefully more customers!

4. Credibility of your company

A reliable company is a successful company. We prefer to share as many personal things as possible on the internet and what we do is never really private again. This means that companies that have something to hide won’t last long in 2019. Honesty and transparency are therefore extra important for brands. A strong website helps to create trust. Your credibility in turn creates more customers.

5. Make the money roll

Finally, the most important (and perhaps the most obvious) reason why having a website is important: making a profit. Turnover in 2019 is done online. And that’s where a website comes in.

Why need a website in 2019?

If a business is not online is clearly out of date. You need an online identity. And it’s a good idea to start as soon as possible. At the moment, two-thirds of entrepreneurs do not have an online business card. And that’s where you can make a profit. Stay informed and be available online. This way you can quickly attract new customers that you would never have been able to reach otherwise!

Need help setting up a website for your business?

Now that you know why a website is needed in 2019, you can get started. Do you have no idea where to start or could you use some help? Then the team at Digifist will gladly help you with your webdesign. They are the best in this area, and their prices are very low compared to other webdesign companies.

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